During the fall and winter, some homeowners may find that their windows are letting the cold air in, and they’re ready for replacements. Home remodeling trends can change every few years, which is why it’s important to choose something timeless when it comes to windows. Here are some popular window styles that you can recommend to your clients. 


Typically one of the cheapest options, single-hung windows are a common choice. Whether replacing all of the home’s windows, or a handful of them, single-hung is best for those on a budget. And because only the bottom half of the window can open, there’s less of a chance for heat to leak out.  


Another wildly popular choice: double-hung windows. “Double Hungs” allow for more ventilation in the warmer months. They’re also easier to clean since they tilt, meaning cleaning the exterior from inside! If a homeowner is replacing their single-hung window for the first time, they may choose to switch to double-hung. 


Sliding windows can often make a room look bigger because of their large, long shape. These are great options for senior clients who have trouble lifting up a single- or double-hung window. In addition, they let in a lot of natural light due to the large glass panes. 


Because casement windows can open all the way, they create exceptional airflow. These types of windows are also energy efficient due to how tight they close, saving homeowners money on energy bills. Casement windows come in varying sizes and designs and can add architectural interest to your home.  


Picture windows are rather large and pair nicely with additional windows on the sides. If a client has a gorgeous view, wants a lot of natural light, or wants the room to appear bigger, picture windows are a great option. Just remember they can’t open—this is why it’s a good idea to have other windows in the room that can.  

Aside from window style, window manufacturers offer options on interior/exterior colors, wood or composite composition, hidden shades, grills, screen options, and hardware styles and “colors”.  Glenbrook Building Supply is happy to work with contractors and homeowners on striking the perfect balance of practicality, appearance, and function.  

We carry Marvin Windows and Andersen Windows and Doors, and you can view their selections through our website. Supply chain delays remain in the industry, so now is an excellent time to visit one of the window experts at Glenbrook for spring installations!