As outdoor construction and remodeling slows down for the winter, interior remodeling is just getting started for many contractors. To stand out among the rest, contractors should be using high-quality materials and designs for their clients. Additionally, they should know the trends so they can become a trusted source to homeowners that ask for recommendations on their remodels. Here are some of the most popular remodeling trends for lower levels and their benefits in the home:

Home Gym

Instead of braving the cold weather, homeowners can stay at home to get their routine exercise. A home gym will also allow them to customize the equipment to their needs, so they won’t have to worry about using the same machines as hundreds of other people.

Wine Cellar

If they’ve always wanted a large wine collection, having a wine cellar will help them safely store and display the bottles. The cellar can also be customized to fit a variety of styles that will match the home whether that includes rustic, Italian, or modern. Additionally, depending on how much wine they plan to store, they can have a dedicated room for the wine or request it be turned into a combined bar area.

Home Bar

They can skip the noisy bars and gather family and friends at their own home bar. These have become a popular addition in homes that love to host—it’s easy to pull up some bar stools and hang out while enjoying homemade cocktails. A custom bar will allow them to choose the size so that even smaller homes can have this luxurious addition.

Extra Bathroom

To add value to your home and ease for the family, an extra bathroom in the lower level can be a welcome addition in the morning or when they’re hosting others. In the long run, it will also add value to the home when they eventually end up selling it. If there’s no tub in the other bathrooms, a custom bathroom is the perfect opportunity to include a soaking tub for relaxation.

Home Theater

Family movie nights get a major upgrade when a home theater is added. These can be as simples or complex as the client wants; however, reclining chairs, surround sound, and a retractable projection screen are always a plus. A snack bar with a popcorn machine will add the finishing touch.

Overall, these remodeling projects can be extensive and require high-quality lumber and wall panels depending on the home’s current layout. Glenbrook Lumber specializes in providing excellent building materials for professional contractors, and we serve Oakdale, Maplewood, Woodbury, Stillwater, Western Wisconsin and St. Paul, MN.