Whether you’re working with a client on a new home construction or just some home renovations, you want to help them create their ideal living space. This includes trim, which is more than just a necessary piece to connect gaps on doors, windows, walls, and floors. Trim can really tie a room together if the right pieces are chosen to reflect the rest of the design. Here are some current millwork trim trends and types to show your clients!

Crown Molding: The trend of white crown molding is still going strong, and homeowners are tending to go with thin or subtle trim choices. The beauty of millwork is that the handcrafted wood can be truly customized to fit the space.

Panel Molding: This has been rising in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no surprise! Panel molding adds sophistication and dimension to the home, and it’s a popular choice for dining rooms. White is a popular color, but painting this trim the same color as the wall is also in style.

Baseboard: The color white takes the cake again, but it’s more common nowadays to see different colors that contrast the lightness of the walls, for example. The best choice of baseboards really depends on the room or style of the house, but one trend rising in popularity is the tall and flat baseboard. Rather than just being something to connect the wall and floor, these baseboards are all about making a big statement.

Picture Frame Molding: Similar to panel molding, this popular trend is done in white or the same color as the wall. Whether it’s done across an entire wall or in one section, it doesn’t make sense to use a bold color since it’s a large area and can cover the wall from floor to ceiling. It’s best to keep the colors simple when it comes to picture frame molding.

Door & Window Trim: White and natural wood are dominating door and window trim trends. Homeowners and designers are playing with contrasting colors, like white trim on dark walls, or a dark wood on white walls, for example. Flat trim has been a popular choice, as opposed to adding an architrave or header to the window casings.

You can check out some of these styles on Menzer Hardwoods, one of the millwork brands that we carry: https://menznerhardwoods.com/Catalog/Departments/Mouldings.cfm?AssocID=5&MDID=5

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We feature 140 different millwork trim profiles in our showroom so you can help find the perfect choice for your client!

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