At Glenbrook Building Supply, our millwork specialists average 25 years in the industry and can help you choose between wood finishes, elaborate staircases, or other stair parts. We carry six brands for our millwork stair parts, so the options are endless! Be sure to stop into our showroom to check out some of our offerings.

When remodeling your staircase, there are various factors to consider.

  • The railing system. A post-to-post system is the most common and basic system—this is where the handrail is mounted between the posts, as seen in the example from Bayer Built, Inc to the right. Over-the-post systems have the handrail connect over the top of the posts, creating a seamless look.
  • Wood species and color. Does a lighter or darker wood fit your space? Do you want the posts and balusters to be the same color, or do you prefer them to be different? Which color is going to match the actual steps? Do you want the wood painted?
  • Baluster design. This is where you can get pretty creative—while you can opt for a different material, wood can be shaped into your ideal baluster design.
  • Newel posts. Do you want your posts to be large and make a statement, or do you like them to have a softer appearance? What shape would you like on the top of the post? Or, are you going with an over-the-post system?
  • Stair tread. The tread is the actual surface that you step on when using the stairs. Thickness, wood species, color, and texture all come into play when choosing the tread.
  • Choosing the riser design can be one of the most fun parts of building your staircase. Many people opt for a different color than the tread or end up applying a design or painting them. If you know you’ll want to do your own work on your risers, we’ll help you choose the best option.

Now that you know a few of the millwork stair parts you’ll be looking for, it’s time to head over to our showroom in St. Paul and start building your perfect staircase.

Here are the millwork brands we carry: