Summer is coming to a close, but remodeling season is still going strong! In addition to exterior renovations like roofing and siding projects, warmer weather is also a good time for indoor remodels. Kitchen styles and trends evolve often, but here are some of the most popular trends that have come about in the past year or so.

Open Shelving

Keeping dinnerware and glasses out on shelves is one way to alter the aesthetic of the kitchen. Homeowners have begun to take their favorite pieces out of the cabinets and put them on display. These shelves can help give the kitchen some more dimension and take up any awkward empty space on the walls.

Colorful Cabinets

Although white is still a classic color, many homeowners have been changing up the look and adding a splash of color. Dark greens and blues are a popular choice at the moment, as they give the kitchen a whole new look without having to change much.

Natural Light

Due to the trend of having darker colors in the kitchen, there’s more of a need for natural light. To avoid the room feeling too dark and closed off, homeowners are opting for bigger, more open windows that allow for maximum light.

Wood Elements

Adding in natural tones throughout the kitchen can make it feel more open and welcoming. It especially looks great with more natural lighting and can really make the space look brighter. Wooden cabinets and countertops have been rising in popularity, and their simple appearance means that the trend will likely stick around for a while.

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