Whether your clients are looking to remodel their home or are in need of new home construction, you need to be up to date on the latest design trends to help them envision their dream house. Here are some of the hottest home trends for 2022!

Natural Materials

Homeowners are going all-natural with exterior materials like siding—or at least making it look natural. Natural wood and stone can get expensive, so faux materials like vinyl siding are still popular. Wooden decks and porches are a simple way to add to the aesthetic of the home’s exterior.


Let the light in! Natural lighting is at the top of the “must have” lists. Large windows are being used to let in as much light as possible while still being attractive from the outside. Expect to be installing far more windows than in past years!

Bold Colors

Dark blues and greens are making a statement in 2022. Bold colors used for siding or exterior accents, like doors, are making houses pop. If the siding is a dark, bold color, expect to see more neutral tones used for pillars and window frames. You’ll likely see the opposite if the homeowners choose a simple siding color—doors, window frames, and roofing will provide bright accents or bold pops of color.

Outdoor Living

Homeowners are making the most out of their outdoor space by adding outdoor amenities like pergolas and fire features. Decking and fencing is a must for enjoying outdoor features—we carry metal railings, LED deck lighting, wood and metal framing, pavers, posts, and more for your decking needs. While you may not be installing outdoor fireplaces or hot tubs, homeowners will rely on you for the structures needed to enjoy their outdoor amenities.


We’ve been seeing an increase in metal roofing for homes, as they have a unique appearance and add interest to the home’s exterior. Metal roofs are durable and last longer than traditional materials. Sustainability is also a large factor in home design, so many homeowners are opting for large solar panels or photovoltaic shingles. The latter still work like solar panels, but they provide the traditional roofing appearance.

The Front Door

Often one of the first things someone notices about a home, front doors have been making big statements for the past few years, and that’s not going away in 2022. The door color truly depends on the rest of the home’s appearance, although homeowners are leaning toward darker colors than lighter ones. And, when lighter colors are being used, they’re typically bold, bright colors like light blue and yellow.

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