For those of you contemplating a new home, a new basement, or replacement foundation, you might want to consider a permanent wood foundation as an alternative to concrete.  What you will find, is comfort like no other foundation – warmer, dryer, and energy efficient.  Ask somebody who has one and they are sure to tell you how comfortable they are (especially in winter).

Permanent wood foundations are constructed from wood that is specifically treated for below ground use.  It will not rot or become consumed by insects, as the food value of the wood is removed upon treatment. They are designed to withstand the earth pressures by sizing the studs right, adding shear walls, and proper connection to the main structure with fasteners.  Wood foundations include counterforts, blocking, and backfilling AFTER the bottom plates are secure and the foundation is “capped” to ensure their durability.

Like poured concrete or concrete block foundations, permanent wood foundations need a rock or concrete footing.

Insulating a wood foundation is much easier than concrete, as all the insulating is done from the interior, with insulation in the stud cavities.  A minimum 2”x8” stud, provides enough depth to achieve more than the required basement “R -value” here in Minnesota.

What else does a permanent wood foundation offer?

  • Faster construction as it can be panelized in a factory
  • Flexibility in architectural design
  • More basement square footage as no basement furring walls are needed
  • Easier basement finishing with wiring run right through the exterior wall studs
  • Siding the exterior of your home close to ground level

If your interest has been peaked on an energy efficient foundation alternative to concrete, then let us answer any additional questions you might have.  We can even put together an estimate for the cost of your foundation and since we are a one stop shop, all your other construction needs (windows, doors, millwork, etc.) can be quoted at the same time.  Just go to  Glenbrook Building Supply is the sister company to Edgebuilder, which specializes in panelized walls (including foundation panels).