A door is a door is a door right? Not so fast. There’s much to say about a home and curb appeal, and a significant portion of the curb appeal clout comes from the home’s front door. In fact, a 2014 report from Therma Tru Doors claims a new front door can add as much as $24,000 to a home’s perceived value. So, no. A door is not just a door and choosing one that is perfect for your home is a decision that should not be made lightly.

Fit and Function – It goes without saying that any exterior door needs to fit well and function to meet the needs of a homeowner. A door that leaks cold air in the winter or warm in the summer is a detriment to a homeowner’s energy bills.

Just like insulation, exterior doors have varying levels of R value that should be considered. Additionally, adding a storm door may cause higher than wanted heat levels that are not conducive to many fiberglass doors.

Style – Home style is a determining factor in the kind of door you choose. Traditional styles include elements such as raised panels or Shaker-style windows while contemporary doors may lack windows completely.

Color – Sometimes a pop of color on a home is what makes it unique. Those colors also say something about the homeowners. A few of the top door colors and their meanings are noted below:

  • Red – One of the most popular choices for front doors, red means Welcome!
  • Orange – Similar to a red door, orange means the homeowners are social butterflies. Outgoing and ready to welcome visitors.
  • Blue – Another very popular choice in door color, blue means peaceful or tranquil.
  • Green – This color for a door signifies ambition.
  • Wood – Wood front doors signal the homeowners are generous and down to earth.

An expert door consultant can help you choose the right style, fit, and functional door for your home. As a place for DIYers and professional contractors, the consultants at Glenbrook Lumber can help you choose the door that is the best fit for you home.

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