The front door is one of the first things someone notices about your home, so you want it to make a good first impression! In addition, the doors inside your home should make a statement too. Whether you’re a DIYer looking for the perfect door or a professional contractor looking for the best options for your clients, Glenbrook Lumber carries doors from some of the finest millwork door manufacturers in the country. Here are a few popular trends and styles for exterior and interior doors:


In the past couple of years, front doors have started making big statements. The front door is now more than just the entrance to your home—it gives homeowners the chance to express their taste and create a focal point for the home’s exterior.

Door color has become one of the most important features that homeowners choose to make their home stand out. Bright, bold colors are a hot trend, with many people choosing reds and blues. Bold colors are typically used to contrast the siding color while still complementing the rest of the exterior. Black doors have also become increasingly popular, as this color goes well with any style of home.

The most common style for front doors is the single door, although there are plenty of double-door styles. Wider doors are becoming more popular for homeowners who prefer a single door but want a bit more room to welcome guests.


When it comes to the inside of the home, doors tend to have a little less flare, but that doesn’t mean they should be an afterthought. In recent years, French doors have become increasingly sought after, as they let in so much natural light. They’re popular choices for home offices and living/front rooms due to their open appearance.

Shaker doors are also amongst one the top choices for homeowners due to their classic and timeless design. Interior doors tend to be painted white or left natural depending on the aesthetic of the home, but design experts have also been seeing gray doors grow in popularity.

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