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Let EdgeBuilder custom design your panelized foundation or upper wall panel system. Our expert team of foundation and wall panel specialists are here to support your build from the ground up.

At EdgeBuilder, there is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ foundation or wall panel layout. We conscientiously cover every detail including stud size, stud spacing, plywood thickness, and nailing schedules as these vary depending on house design, site conditions, and backfill depths. Our unique approach to foundation and wall panel construction provides flexibility.

Our panelized foundations are an excellent alternative to concrete block or poured foundations. When designing a panelized foundation, we consider frost footings, crawl spaces, whether the home is a split-level, walkout or full-basement design and incorporate these into our plans. Things like corners, bays, angles and custom wall height are all easier to incorporate with a panelized foundation and all specs are added to our designs per our client’s request.

Building a structure is always full of surprises, but you can be assured that when using an EdgeBuilder panelized foundation and wall panels, changes are much easier to accommodate during and after construction.

  • Warmer, Dryer Lower Living Level Solution
  • Your New or Replacement Basement Solution
  • Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Solution
  • Experienced 30+ Year Builder Solution

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