Late summer and fall are excellent times to build your deck or porch. Why? Those hot summer days are replaced by cooler fall days for not only building your deck but enjoying it too. It’s also a good time to take advantage of lower prices, as lumber yards look to shed their decking inventory. Glenbrook Building Supply specializes in deck and porch construction with products that will make your neighbors wish they would have come to us.

Deck Footings

Although traditional cement footings are tried and tested, there’s any easier way to build your footings using Diamond Piers. Diamond Piers come in two different sizes and use ‘Pin Pile Technology and existing soil’ to support your deck/porch loads. The pins are installed through holes in the Diamon Pier, using a bit and a Demolition/Breaker Hammer. How’s that for fast?

Deck Framing

Deck framing has come a long way, and Glenbrook Building Supply knows the ins and outs. We stock green treated wood in different treatments and grades. Whether it’s your posts that will go below ground or a better grade of lumber for your joists, our sales professionals will quote the correct lumber. Then there’s the joist tape to make sure your joists stay dry just underneath the decking. It’s all fastened together with stock Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners, GRK Screws, and other coated fasteners to make sure the framing maintains structural integrity and attachment to footings and the existing structure.


Glenbrook Building Supply stocks Moistureshield’s Elevate™ series in colors Alpine Gray and Riverbank.  Many other well-known composite decking brands like Trex, Timber-Tech AZEK, and Fiberon are on display and generally available to you in 2-3 days. For those of your that prefer the natural look, we stock Selkirk’s architectural grade cedar decking and can special order brown treated deck boards.

Deck and Porch Railing

Railing has developed into quite the business. The days of “hybrid” wood and metal spindle deck railings have mostly been replaced by composites, and more popular yet, aluminum. There’s cable and glass options for a different look and better view. Glenbrook stocks Westbury Railing manufactured by Digger Specialties, which has grown in popularity due to ease of installation and color/style choices. On display in our showroom are other brands too: Afco, Regal, and Fortress.

Rain-Free Underneath

If you have a patio underneath your deck, and/or you plan on using this space for storage, you might want to think of keeping the area dry. Consider Trex RainEscape, which is installed during deck construction. If moisture management below the deck is now an afterthought, there’s the UpSide Deck Ceiling System, which installs after the fact and provides a nice clean look.


Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, mosquitos are our second state “bird.” Consider a full screened-in porch using SCREENEZE. SCREENEZE uses a patented fastening system to make installation a SNAPTRACK. Their multitude of screen choices go a bit further than most by blocking tiny insects and UV rays. Imaging sitting inside your new screened porch, bug-free and with sun on reduced power. Now that’s a deck!

Porch Windows

Looking for more than just a screen? Stop in and check out Sunspace Porch Windows, especially designed for enclosed porches. Sunspace Porch Windows are vinyl (glass options too) and have Vertical 4 Track for multiple ways to let the sun and fresh air through. Tinting also available to better manage those sunny spots.

Glenbrook Building Supply was labeled as the “world’s decking headquarters” by a former employee. There’s good reason. The choices here are endless, but more importantly, our sales professionals have the knowledge to help you make educated choices. Stop by today or send an email to for assistance with your next project.  Whether you are a professional builder, remodeler, or a weekend warrior, we’re all in on making your project a success!