The Benefits of Permanent Wood Foundations

The Benefits of Permanent Wood Foundations

For those of you contemplating a new home, a new basement, or replacement foundation, you might want to consider a permanent wood foundation as an alternative to concrete.  What you will find, is comfort like no other foundation – warmer, dryer, and energy efficient.  Ask somebody who has one and they are sure to tell you how comfortable they are (especially in winter).

Permanent wood foundations are constructed from wood that is specifically treated for below ground use.  It will not rot or become consumed by insects, as the food value of the wood is removed upon treatment. They are designed to withstand the earth pressures by sizing the studs right, adding shear walls, and proper connection to the main structure with fasteners.  Wood foundations include counterforts, blocking, and backfilling AFTER the bottom plates are secure and the foundation is “capped” to ensure their durability.

Like poured concrete or concrete block foundations, permanent wood foundations need a rock or concrete footing.

Insulating a wood foundation is much easier than concrete, as all the insulating is done from the interior, with insulation in the stud cavities.  A minimum 2”x8” stud, provides enough depth to achieve more than the required basement “R -value” here in Minnesota.

What else does a permanent wood foundation offer?

  • Faster construction as it can be panelized in a factory
  • Flexibility in architectural design
  • More basement square footage as no basement furring walls are needed
  • Easier basement finishing with wiring run right through the exterior wall studs
  • Siding the exterior of your home close to ground level

If your interest has been peaked on an energy efficient foundation alternative to concrete, then let us answer any additional questions you might have.  We can even put together an estimate for the cost of your foundation and since we are a one stop shop, all your other construction needs (windows, doors, millwork, etc.) can be quoted at the same time.  Just go to info@glenbrooklumber.com.  Glenbrook Building Supply is the sister company to Edgebuilder, which specializes in panelized walls (including foundation panels).

Featured Window Manufacturer: Marvin Windows

Featured Window Manufacturer: Marvin Windows

As the industry moves full steam ahead into peak construction season, we wanted to highlight one of our top-selling window manufacturers: Marvin. Marvin is the largest made-to-order wood window and door manufacturer in the world, and their Signature Series is the largest made-to-order wood window manufacturer in the country. Some benefits of Marvin products include:

  • A full line of replacement windows for homeowners looking to update and create a more energy efficient home.
  • Custom work that will be built with the customer’s specific requirements in mind. They do not have a stockpile of inventory completed projects.
  • Because of that high-quality custom services, they have an extensive variety of shapes, style, colors, and overall options.
  • A family-run business dedicated to quality products and customer service. Marvin began in 1912, and the Marvin family is still actively involved in the day-to-day operation to ensure it sticks to their high standards. This has earned them an outstanding reputation in the industry, which is why we are proud to have their products.

In terms of window installation, Marvin has several product lines to serve the many needs of the industry. The Essential Series features interior and exteriors made of fiberglass, which makes them a versatile and durable choice. The Elevate Series has exteriors made of fiberglass and interiors made with high-quality wood, which add warmth and aesthetic to your home. The Signature Ultimate line has aluminum cladding and wood interiors. Additionally, the fiberglass they use is Ultrex®, a highly durable fiberglass material that’s Energy Star qualified and practically maintenance free.

Here’s a visual look at the amazing variety contractors can offer their clients through the Marvin collections.

Marvin Essential Collection

Marvin Elevate Collection

Marvin Signature Ultimate Collection

We’re proud to carry Marvin products and would love to help you pick out the perfect window for your clients’ needs. Glenbrook Building Supply has been serving pro contractors since 1988. Contact us to learn how we can be your one-stop shop for building materials.

Conventional wood framing using component wall panels from EdgeBuilder

Conventional wood framing using component wall panels from EdgeBuilder

Residential home builders, it’s time to consider a new way to frame. Wall panels from EdgeBuilder take traditional “stick built” framing to a faster and more reliable level. Built in a controlled environment and delivered preassembled to your jobsite, our walls panels are custom made to your exact specifications, so they are ready to install immediately. This leaves your builds with less exposure to the elements and helps you move from build to build in a more efficient way.

Whether Glenbrook Lumber designs your home for you, or you provide us with architectural drawings by others, our wall panel designers break your project into bundles of pre-framed wall panels. We then ship the bundles to site according to your framing sequence, with drawings that detail and match the numbers on the wall panels.
Our designers use specialized software that gives us a 3-D view of your home, with the ability to see HVAC runs, blocking needs, bearing for trusses, rough openings, and any other project specific framing considerations. Essentially, we try to make your build easier by putting the thought on the front end.

The results:
• Faster builds
• Less waste
• More time to move on to other projects

We can even do the basement. Our wood foundation division has been creating warm, dry lower levels for local homeowners for years.
Contact us to today for a wall panel quote on your next project!

info@glenbrooklumber.com or 651-770-9071

It’s Dock Season in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and Badger Country. 

It’s Dock Season in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and Badger Country. 

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it’s time to get the dock ready for maximum social distancing!  Any reservations in putting that old rickety dock back in the water this year?

If so, treat yourself to a brand-new dock system built by us.  Or, how about renewing that metal-framed dock system with custom cedar dock tops built by us?

Glenbrook Building Supply, in conjunction with our sister company EdgeBuilder Wall Panels, manufactures custom dock sections and custom dock tops. Bring us your old and tired dock tops and we will make sure the newly rebuilt tops fit your existing frame(s).

Custom Insert Dock Panels Starting at $99 + tax.

  • $99 will get you a 4×4 cedar panel with 3 stringers.
  • We prefer to build off an old panel or signed off drawings / dimensions.
    • There are 100’s of dock brands out there and no two are the same.  Therefore, exact measurements are required.
    • We will save the “cut out(s)” for you to do yourself on site.
  • Lead time currently is 2-weeks.

Dock sections starting at only $109 + tax.

  • 4’ x 8’ or 4’ x 10’ stock dimensions.
    • Green Treated Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar Options
    • 5/4 decking on topside
    • 2” x 6” framing with a 2” x 4” brace on the underside

Hardware for above by Tommy Docks!

  • We stock the 1 ¼” normal duty line of hardware.
  • Special order from Tommy Docks – typically here in 2-days.

Glenbrook Building Supply is conveniently located in Oakdale, MN, serving the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.  We are a “Good Place to Find” for all your lumber, decking, and home improvement needs. We are open to the public and are happy to sell you the materials if you are a do-it-yourselfer.  Dock sections go fast (while supplies last).



Twin Cities Decking Headquarters

Twin Cities Decking Headquarters

Glenbrook Building Supply, Inc. is the one-stop shop for decking and railing needs. Our experts are on hand to assist on best practices for deck framing per current codes and they are well-versed in all material types. The type of material used to build a deck greatly influences the look of the outdoor space as well as the life expectancy

Composite & PVC Decking: Trex, TimberTech, TimberTech AZEK (formerly Azek), Dekorators, Fiberon and more!
Composite wood decking is a mixture of wood fibers and plastic that are mixed with pigments to attain various colors. PVC decking is 100% plastic and is typically made from recycled materials. PVC decking is lighter than composite, making it easier to move around. Composites have a long lifespan and do not splinter or require routine maintenance such as sealing or staining. Simple, light pressure washing typically keep composite & PVC decking in top shape, .

Wood Decking: Select Selkirk Cedar and Brown/Green Treated
Still among the most common building materials, wood decking is less expensive than composite decking and can be very versatile. Many find the natural beauty of wood, hard to substitute. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and periodic staining help keep a wood deck in pristine condition.

Railing Materials: Westbury, TREX, Fiberon, TimberTech, Dekorators, Azek, and wood!
Just like deck boards, railings can be maintenance free. There are options such as aluminum, composite, vinyl, and acrylic materials:

  • Aluminum deck railing is light, durable, and low maintenance. No need to concern yourself with rot or corrosion.
  •  Composite deck railing is also durable and low maintenance. It looks like wood, but has the stability of a synthetic where it won’t splinter, bow, or warp like wood.
  • Vinyl deck railing is scratch resistant and doesn’t fade or crack. This is a great choice for more extreme climates.
    If wood railings are the choice, wood spindles are available; or, hybrid railings can be constructed with a mix of wood and metal spindles for added beauty.

Glenbrook Building Supply has a huge selection of decking solutions for professional deck builders. We have many brands of deck boards displayed side-by-side in our showroom and our professional sales staff can help with deck building and code questions. We want the end result to be beautiful and structurally sound.

Glenbrook Building Supply, located in the Twin Cities, offers composite decking materials, metal railings, deck and porch boards, LED deck lighting, underdecking, treated wood and metal framing, posts and post wraps, pavers and more. Call us today to schedule a showroom appointment or visit our online virtual showroom at https://glenbrooklumber.com/virtual-tour today.

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